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Signal Monitoring Documentation

In this website we store user documentation of the LHC Signal Monitoring project. The website is divided into nine subpages with useful information about the project:

  1. Overview - project overview with links to the main project repositories
  2. API Documentation - a link to the API documentation auto-generated from code
  3. API User Guide - an extensive user guide with numerous code examples of key API modules
  4. HWC&FPA Notebooks - a description on how to use HWC and FPA notebooks
  5. HWC&FPA Circuits - a list of supported notebooks for HWC and FPA
  6. Project Conventions - a set of main project conventions followed during the development
  7. Development Process - information on how the project is developed
  8. Help - information on where to look for help
  9. FAQ - a growing summary of frequently asked questions

For more information about the project itself, please visit

We suggest to use the site Search feature in the top bar to look for a specific keyword.

The platform is based on mkdocs + GitLab. To edit this site just click the pencil symbol at the top-right.